Social Issues

Coping With Cliques

Reviewed by D'Arcy Lyness, PhD

Do you feel like you're auditioning for the sequel to "Mean Girls"? Have you had it up to your well-groomed eyebrows with the tricks of your clique? Do you hate following the dress code of your clique but think you'll be dropped if you don't? [more]

Dont Get Mad - Write It Down

By Mark Else

Whenever someone has upset me or im left feeling stressed from anything, i dont let it wind me up and let it make me mad because that just ends up causing more problems in the long run! [more]

Peer Pressure and Dieting

by Debbie Green

Peer pressure occurs when a group of people or just one person can make an individual feel uncomfortable, leading them to make decisions that they may not otherwise decide to make if they did not have influences in their life. This can affect the way a person thinks, dresses, looks, speaks or eats. The person who gives in and decides to change their lifestyle usually feels that they must conform to other attitudes or behaviors to feel part of the norm. [more]

Teenage Stress

By Trevor Dumbleton

It has often been said that the teenage years are the "best years of your life". However, anyone who says that does not remember what it is like being a teenager. Between school, life, parents, friends, and the fact that all of them want all of your time, there is no way to get away from the petty concerns and strains that can lead to serious stress. However, nobody seems willing to give up any of the time they demand from you, so you find yourself torn in a thousand different directions with nowhere to turn to for help. Fortunately, you do not need to deal with stress all on your own. Rather, you can find plenty of help, just as long as you look for it. Unfortunately, teenagers rarely look for help and many of the assets available to them are simply ignored. Thus, your teen stress keeps getting worse. [more]

11 Important Tips On Teen Dating

By Roy Barker


Whatever your parents think, teen dating is normal. You cannot learn everything that you need to know in a classroom situation. You will have experienced some interaction about family life at home, but it is important that you develop your skills, in situation where you have to give and take. [more]


by Dorothy Lafrinere

I was first thinking, when exactly does one start to yearn for acceptance? [more]