Review of the Laser Acne Treatment

Recent studies have estimated that over 20 million of teens and adults are affected by acne. However, there are cases where people do not react well to many of today's medications and skin treatment products. Although acne treatment products and solutions continue to advance, the emotional problems still remain as the major problem caused by acne.

One effective solution that can provide promising and immediate results to all of your acne problems could be laser acne treatment. It can treat even the worst cases of pubescent and old acne problems. The FDA approved the use and efficiency of the smooth beam laser in 2002. Since its introduction to the market, it is widely recognized as the most effective treatment for severe and recurrent cases of acne. A topical anesthetic cream is first applied to patient that will undergo laser acne treatment. Since acne prone portions of the skin are very sensitive, the first precautionary steps lessen most of the discomfort that you will feel during and right after the treatment procedure.

Then it is followed by applying a smooth low level laser acne beam on the portions of the face where severe acnes are found. It actually heats the sebaceous glands or the oil producing glands that clog the pores which causes acne breakouts. The heat effectively slows the glands form secreting excessive oil and eventually eliminating most of the cause of acne.

The laser also kills the bacteria and other components that cause acne. During the first sessions of the treatment, you will see improvements and good results already. However, the treatment should be performed 3 to 4 sessions monthly to complete the treatment.

You may experience a 95 percent reduction of the discolorations and pimples to your face. You could experience mild side effects during the treatment process. The most painful could be the swelling of the treated portions.

Since the treatment procedure is smooth and fast, some patients may schedule for laser treatment procedures during their lunch break hours. There is no recovery time period and you will experience minimal discomfort. Irritation and redness to the skin are the common side effects you will encounter. What could be the downside on laser acne treatments? Most insurance programs do not yet cover policies to laser skin treatments. However, if you are really affected by severe acne problems and the suffering you get from the emotional distress caused by acne, you know that the expensive cost for the treatment is worth it. Laser acne treatments include laser skin resurfacing and pulse dye laser.

In skin laser resurfacing, it uses a combination of laser carbon dioxide and Erbium YAG laser wherein the skin is treated by layers. The uppermost portions of the scars are removed and the skin pores are tighten rejuvenating the skin completely. The surgical treatment may last 2 to 3 months before undergoing laser resurfacing treatment.

This will give time for the skin to heal completely and bring a clearer and flawless face. Laser resurfacing is perfect for treating shallow scars and for smoothing and tightening of the clogged pores of the skin.

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