How To Prevent Wrinkles With Time

Good habits and good genes can only take you so far when youre competing against the biological clock. Like it or not, there will come a day when youll look in the mirror and realize that some of those smile lines are sticking around.

You probably know that day can be delayed if you eat right, exercise and guard against the sun. But if you, like the rest of us, dont always succeed with the healthy-lifestyle approach, turn to this list of fallback options from Charlene Haines of Euphoria Day Spa.

A truly blissful option, this facial cleanses, hydrates and exfoliates the skin while it pumps in plenty of fresh air, improving circulation, stimulating cell rejuvenation and killing any blemish-causing bacteria hiding in pores. Ever wonder how celebs like Jennifer Aniston look so luminous even without makeup? Now you know.

This common procedure involves using small needles to inject traces of a substance that paralyzes the muscles underneath, where lines are forming ?" usually around the mouth and eyes and on the forehead. It temporarily freezes the muscles that form these expression lines, cutting down on the repetitive movements that help create wrinkles.

Its fast, easy and relatively painless, but make sure to pick a doctor with experience, and undergo an allergy test first. Youll have to get Botox shots every few months, but the results are dramatic and, over the long haul, can delay the formation of wrinkles.

Gone are the days of lumpy, bumpy injections to plump up lips and sagging cheeks. Now its all about Restylane or Radiesse, two natural fillers made of hyaluronic acid (a natural substance already present in the human body) that are injected right into creases and wrinkles to make them disappear.

The effects last for about six months and are less prone to infection and clumping than previous treatments. Britney Spears uses Restylane to give her bow-tie lips a slightly fuller look.

A highly effective procedure thats one step below a laser treatment, this is actually nothing like a facial. Doctors turn an intense, pulsating light on your skin (officially known as nonablative rejuvenation) that fades pigmentation, reduces large pores, clears up acne and really does a number on fine lines and wrinkles.

Its quick and fairly painless (you might feel a slight zap) and can take 10 years off your skin in a matter of minutes.

Non-Surgical Face-Lift One of the newest anti-wrinkle options to hit the market, this medical device uses radio-frequency technology to eradicate lines and wrinkles that formerly could be reduced only with a surgical lift.

It works by chilling the skin and then applying tightening energy from radio frequency. Its not entirely without discomfort, but the results are worth it. Dermatologists prep patients with a topical anesthetic and a strong painkiller before getting busy.

Unless things are really headed south, Charlene advises, dont go under the plastic surgeons knife.

Radical procedures like face-lifts will yield disappointing results if theyre done too early, she says. Better to prevent problems today so you wont have to fix them tomorrow.

A Plastic Surgeon is a surgical specialist who has completed a minimum of 5 years of study and training in surgery after receiving a medical degree. He or she has demonstrated successful completion of training and passed a rigorous examination process overseen by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and is thus specifically qualified to practice reconstructive and aesthetic (cosmetic) plastic surgery.

Most people are familiar with cosmetic surgery. Plastic Surgeons are the experts in cosmetic surgery.

However, many people do not realize that Plastic Surgeons also look after most of the hand and facial injuries in Canada.

They manage most large wounds including burns. Canadian Plastic Surgeons treat a large number of patients with skin cancer, and they help the rehabilitation of breast cancer patients with breast reconstruction. They repair congenital deformities like cleft lips and abnormal hands. They participate in leg, hand, face, and skull reconstruction after severe accidents.

In fact, if any part of the body is abnormal or needs reconstruction to restore function or appearance after birth, cancer or accidents, Plastic Surgeons are there to help.


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