Quit Smoking Tips Can Help Kick Habit

Most smokers will admit that they are not happy about smoking and are looking for quit smoking ways that will not make them grouchy or nervous. Telling themselves it is not good for them and that they are shortening their lives just does not seem to get the message past the addiction to nicotine. Think back to when you smoked that first cigarette and remember if you were alone and made the choice to start on your own, or had someone else help you become addicted. They may not have held the cigarette to your lips while you inhaled, but you had help in the way of a suggestion. Quitting is no different as many will need help in finding the quit smoking ways that will work.

Smokers should pay attention to advertisements on television, the radio and in newspapers. Companies make lots of money from cigarettes, but they can also make money supplying materials that help smokers quit. There are the patches that help smokers quit, but there are also other products available that provide help and tips to quit smoking. The illnesses of smokers cost the addicted and the government so much money that many sources of help have appeared for the problems that come with smoking. These afflictions include cancers and heart disease, but they also include problems with teeth and skin.

Smoking affects not only smokers, but also the people around smokers. Secondhand smoke can be very dangerous to those that are exposed in homes, bars and other places. There are hotlines available that have trained personnel that provide help and tips to quit smoking. The people manning these hotlines know the resources available to those who want to quit smoking. The lines are always open so smokers tempted to start smoking again can call the counselors on these lines to get support. The staff will encourage the smoker to continue to try and to never give up.

All smokers understand they spend a lot of money on their habit and would have more to spend on other things they want if it was not for the cigarettes. Set a goal to quit smoking and put the cost of cigarettes away for an entire year. Then take that money and buy yourself something special. In addition, other great quit smoking tips include taking a picture of your children and grandchildren and write on the bottom that you promise to be at their wedding.

Then place the picture where you usually store your cigarettes so that every time you reach for them, you will pick up the picture and read your promise.

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