Los Angeles Fitness Competitor Believes In Personal Care

A stereotypical symbol for the health-conscious, personal fitness-driven culture in Los Angeles, Timea Majorova, a native of Slovakia and a professional fitness competitor, has made the California city her home. She has bodily dimensions to be envious of: 5'8", 135 pounds, and measurements of 36-24-36. Timea was born in the town of Zeliezovce in 1974.

She became actively involved in sport and fitness at a very young age. Her two brothers and father were very influential in pushing her info athletics, making her a 'tomboy,' according to Timea. Of a scholarly bent, Timea speaks fluent English, Hungarian, Russian, and Slovak. She went to medical school in Slovakia, earning a degree in physical therapy. Her first taste of fitness competition was the Ms.

Slovakia Fitness Championships held in 1994. She placed 2nd in the contest. In February 1997 Timea received her U.S. Visa, and then promptly relocated to Los Angeles to continue her fitness career, representing Slovakia in the European championships.

A personal breakthrough arrived in 1997 when she won a contest: the Amateur World Championships. The win catapulted her into a position as an IFBB Fitness Pro. However, in her first Fitness Olympia in 1998, she came in sixth place.

During the competition in the 1999 Fitness Olympia, Timea met Joe and Betsy Weider, who both became pivotal motivational figures in her life. Later that year, she placed 5th in the 1999 Arnold Classic. In 2000, Timea became the wife of Joseph Majorova in Slovakia.

He is currently her personal trainer and together they own and operate Pro Gym in the Los Angeles area. To date, Timea has taken part in more than twenty competitions. She currently resides in Santa Monica, California, where she is concurrently pursuing a career in acting.

A "Timea Majorova: Living the American Dream" DVD was released in 2007. The disc contains interviews with Timea regarding her lifestyle, history in fitness competitions and answers questions about her husband and family. Also included is a full body cardio routine with her husband Joseph, a short kitchen segment and a 'behind the scenes' Alex Alandti photoshoot.

The DVD was created by the Chapmen Media Group, makers of the well-liked Fit Show Internet TV show.

Matt Paolini is a fashion writer for CityBook, the family-safe Online Yellow Pages, which carries an extensive directory on Los Angeles personal care.

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