Learn these potent Muscle Building Fat Burning exercises and get the results you deserve

The one important similarity of these seven exercises is they are all muti joint movements. This means multiple joints are used in these lifts This also means more calories burned when performing these exercises because more muscle is being used. Using multi 'joint movements allows you to work much more in the same amount of time. Instead of doing a Tricep pushdown (Triceps) and a lateral raise (shoulders) you can perform a shoulder press and work both of those muscles in half the time and with more intensity. Here are the seven: 1. Squat: This exercise is a great full body movement guaranteed to work many muscles in the body and burn tons of calories with emphasis on glutes, quadriceps and hamstrings.

To perform the Squat take a shoulder width stance look straight ahead with your chest up. Initiate the movement by bringing hips down and back, to a chair or bench in order to have a point to aim for and return to the starting position. 2.Deadlift: This exercise is a great fat burning muscle-building exercise. It's a multi- joint movement that trains the whole body with concentration on the glutes, hamstrings, and low back.

To perform the lift using a barbell have the bar against your shins grip the bar shoulder width, feet shoulder width as well. Keep your chest elevated and your butt back to keep back straight. Start the lift by pushing through the ground and stand up with the bar. 3.

Pullups: First grab the pull-up bar shoulder width. Then pull yourself to the bar. The ultimate goal is to get your chin above the bar. 4. Military press: Take two dumbbells and keep them at shoulder height.

Press the dumbbells above your head. Try to keep the dumbbells in line with your ears as the dumbbells go up. Lift to almost lock out and repeat. 5.Lunge: Start with feet about hip width.

Step forward with either leg. The trailing leg should move toward the ground but doesn't have to touch ground. Bring lead leg back and repeat. Make sure upperbody is upright and chest is up. 6.

Sled Pulls: I know some people don't have access to sleds but it's such a great exercise I included the sled on the list. If you have accessto one, drag the sled forward, which brings emphasis on glutes, and hamstrings or backwards, which brings emphasis on quadriceps. 7.

Barbell Rows: First grasp the bar with a shoulder width grip. Then bend your knees slightly with your glutes extended and your chest elevated this will keep your back straight. Then pull the barbell to your belly button and repeat. Note: Keep upperbody stationary. Give these seven amazing multi- joint movements a try .

They are guaranteed to add some intensity to your workouts and some muscle to your body. Your metabolism will increase as well even when you sleep.

Finally, learn how to build muscle & burn fat. Take the guess work out. Get the body you deserve.

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