How to Unlock Your Hidden Sleep Potential

Forget all the makeup and hair products and fancy clothes. Your main priority above everything else should be ensuring that you take the time to sleep for approximately seven to nine hours every night. Without this main step, everything else seems arbitrary. Sure you can cover up the problem with those things, but your health will not get any better unless you tackle the problems you have with insomnia.

What Is Insomnia?
Insomnia is a condition in which you have trouble falling or staying asleep. Some people with insomnia may fall asleep easily but wake up too soon. Other people may have the opposite problem, or they have trouble with both falling asleep and staying asleep. The end result is poor-quality sleep that doesnt leave you feeling refreshed when you wake up.

When you are having sleeping problems, your body does not get the proper opportunity to revitalize itself and give you that glow in the morning. As a result, your skin cells do not renew properly, leaving you looking sallow and drab.

And since your appearance begins with good healthy skin, a lack of sleep will result in you looking not your best.

It makes sense that you would look this way when you think about your many nights of restlessness. You lie awake in bed at night, your mind is racing, you continue to stress out about the previous day and the day to come. Everything seems to come at you at once, and you feel like you cannot find any sort of mind space that allows you to relax. When you are feeling this unsettled during the night, how do you expect to look your best when the sun rises?

So, whats a girl to do? You can do several things to prepare yourself for sleep.

1. Exercise regularly. You should exercise in the early part of the day and avoid strenuous activity before bedtime.


Avoid large meals and excessive fluids before bedtime.

3. Control your environment. Light, noise, and elevated room temperature can disrupt sleep.


Take time out for your self.

With all of the chaos in your life, it sometimes proves difficult to take some time out for yourself, but there is no reason you should have to look so worn out all the time. The less effort you put into all of that worrying and stress, the more time you have to find ways to make yourself tired and turn in for a full night of solid rest. Thats not to say you should be vain or selfish. There is a huge difference between putting yourself first all the time, and making sure you are engaging in a healthy behavior that will help you look and feel better.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy settling in for the night in your nice comfortable bed. No procedures, expenses or obscure methods required. Just lie down, and you will go from sickly to sexy in no time. If you know that the main beauty secret you should be following is sleeping for eight hours, why arent you clearing off the bed and pulling back the covers right now?


About the Author (text)Sherry Harris used to have a sleep disorder. Now she gets a good night sleep with aromatic sleeping mist fragrances. If you are tired of insomnia, visit Why don\'t you bookmark the article you are reading right now? You know you will want to find it again soon.

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