Hip Hip Hurray How To Prevent Hip Injuries

Hip injuries are caused by impacts, twists, and muscular contractions or by a simple fall. Normal hip injuries may be fractures, dislocations contusions, ligament sprains, muscular or tendon strains or avulsion fractures. The following are a few kinds of common hip injuries: - Hip injuries like fractures or dislocations of the hip are considered emergencies, since these can damage blood vessels or nerves that could result in permanent disability and mobility.

- While sprinting, running, jumping or playing football, powerful muscle contractions take place that may result in tearing off pelvic bone attachments. This kind of hip injury normally occurs in growing children and is known as an avulsion fracture. This kind of hip injury can result in disability and pain and needs immediate medical attention. - Hip bone bruising is called a contusion. Pain and swelling in case of a contusion reduces pain and swelling. - Stretching of hip muscles, beyond a certain limit results in muscular and tendon strain.

This can cause limited movement and pain. Medical help is necessary in these cases. Certain hip injuries are also caused by over use of the hip area. These kind of hip injuries develop and occur over a period of time due to contractions and overly pounding of legs. These rarer kinds of hip injuries are as following: - Bursitis is a condition where the bursa sac is inflamed. Bursa sac acts as a cushion to the tendon and keeps it from rubbing with the bone in the hip joint.

- Tendinitis is an inflammation caused by gradual tearing of tendon fibers. - Stress fractures are caused by over use of legs. This kind of hip injury generally occurs in athletes.

This rare hip injury has to be treated immediately by stopping the activity that caused it and using the RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation) treatment. Anti-inflammatory drugs will certainly help. For further medical advice, consult your regular physician.

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