Clearing Up The Aromatherapy Controversy

There always has been, and will continue to be a lot of controversy surrounding the practice of aromatherapy. This particular practice is one of the oldest when it comes to healing that is labeled as alternative. We can discover the act of distilling plants used in aromatherapy as far back in history as the 11th century. Distillation was a process that the ancients used in order to pull the oils from many different types of herbs and plants. As time progressed, individuals starting recognizing aromatherapy as an effective means of relaxation, healing, and as a cure for various medical conditions.

Today, the world is full of conclusive evidence that aromatherapy does work.

However, there are just as many debates going on that this is not an effective practice. Here, I will share with you some of the arguments that stand behind the idea of aromatherapy. These ideas have been concluded from many different resources, and work to continue on in the controversy that surrounds this practice. You may elect to believe either side of the argument - but it is important to have some solid groundwork on which to operate.

The following will provide that to you:

1. Many individuals are under the impression that different types of aromatherapy can actually cure illnesses and diseases that are considered to be major in the medical community. When the medical community was faced with this possibility, many doctors and scientists became quite excited! Research went into effect immediately in order to test the claims that were being made. Unfortunately, no conclusive evidence was made that would indicate that this alternative medicine type had any impact on major conditions and disease.

2. There are many who believe that aromatherapy may assist in combating psychological problems and illnesses, such as depression and suicidal tendencies. Unfortunately, this is also far from the facts. Individuals who are subjected to aromatherapy find that they often feel a bit better or that their spirits are a bit uplifted - but there is no evidence that this type of therapy cures psychological problems and illnesses.

3. Many people stand by the fact that aromatherapy can actually heal a person.

It is important to remember that the essential oils that are used in aromatherapy may assist in ways that are therapeutic; they are not to be viewed as a cure for any condition - mental or physical.


Aromatherapy has always been surrounded with controversy. Many will attest to its effectiveness while others simply disregard it as a psychological infatuation. If you are interested in aromatherapy for one reason or another, it is important to consider researching that which you want to put into practice.

You may find that it is not worth the time or effort.


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