Choosing Acne Skin Care Products Wisely

Acne is a problem most people will battle at some time in their life. Whether it's a minor break out or a serious condition will deem what kind of treatment, if any, is required to help tackle the problem and prevent scarring and permanent skin damage. If acne is very serve, medical advice is often warranted for dealing with outbreaks. However, minor cases can be treated at home without too much difficulty. Making the choice on how to proceed should include the severity of breakouts, the duration of breakouts and if visible damage is occurring to the skin.

If visible damage is present, checking with a doctor is absolutely in order. To battle acne, it is first advisable to understand what it is. The condition basically is a blockage of the pores of the skin. When pores become blocked due to oils or dirt or both, eruptions can occur. These can be white heads, which are raised bumps on the skin filled with a pussy liquid, or blackheads, which are inverted breakouts.

Both are filled with oil and bacteria. Although medical science doesn't completely understand why acne occurs, since it can happen at any age, in any skin type or color, many myths surrounding the condition have been debunked. Some prevalent myths include that chocolate, sugar and seafood cause acne. There is no proof to support the notion that diet causes acne.

Stress, too, is often blamed, but this doesn't seem to be the case either. For those who think that face washing will automatically clear up acne, they're wrong. Blemishes take place when a pore collapses from deep within the skin.

They don't start from the top down. Too much washing can irritate skin and actually make acne worse. A rough washcloth can further irritate the situation.

Washing of course is important for overall hygiene, but excessive washing or scrubbing can cause more problems. The best way to treat acne is to understand what kind it is and proceed. For those who feel the condition doesn't require medical attention, over the counter remedies often work very well. The options here include benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, sulfur and other topical agents.

These can work extremely well in minor to moderate cases and should be tried when possible. Following package instructions and using proper skin care techniques can also benefit the condition. If acne is very pronounced, it is smart to consider seeing a doctor. Since severe acne can lead to scarring, it's important to be seen before the situation becomes too advanced. A small break out from time to time is normal. In fact, babies and seniors might even experience a break out once in a while.

Pregnant women are particularly prone to occasional break outs. This type of break out can benefit from home care and often show signs of improvement very quickly. A single pimple or even three doesn't equate to severe acne, so relax.

Severe breakouts are not normal. Seek help and follow medical advice. No matter how it manifests, acne is an embarrassing condition. A single pimple or a face-full of them is never good news.

For the best results, use good cleansing practices at home, topical solutions if necessary and seek help in severe cases.

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