Can You Afford To Not Have a Treadmill

Anyone wanting to lose weight knows the magic number 3500. If you are not familiar with the magic 3500, it equals 1 lost pound. Basically you must create a calorie deficit by either exercising or starving.

The Healthiest and most effective way to lose weight and keep it off are to exercise those 3500 calories off in a cardiovascular workout. Workouts with cardio benefit also strengthen the heart, muscles, and amazingly the brain, besides achieving that wonderful calorie deficit. So what is the most popular way to achieve this cardio burn? A treadmill! Why treadmills are so popular According the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association "consumers spend more money on treadmills, than any other home exercise equipment available" With this information, we know that everyone can not be wrong! Treadmills work the largest muscles in the body, which in turn give users an outstanding cardiovascular workout.

There have been several studies that state using a treadmill for 60 minutes will burn more calories than a stair machine, rower, stationary cycle, or a cross country skier! Using a treadmill is relatively easy for anyone to use without training or supervision, so this in and of itself make treadmills an idiot proof option for those new to the fitness industry ( which most are, if looking to shed extra pounds). Besides the HUGE calorie burn and ease of use, you also have the additional benefits of less impact on joints than many other high calorie burn options. The most basic of treadmills will save on joint pressure and pain due to the flexibility of the deck compared to asphalt or road running. With the more advanced treadmills you have the option to add additional cushioning with an orthopedic belt or other advanced forms of pressure reduction. Treadmills also allow users to build stamina slowly so they may begin walking and over time decide that their fitness level will now accommodate for jogging or even running. With a treadmill, you will never outgrow this machine (provided you don't cheap out to begin with), and the options on a midrange treadmill feature pre-programmed computerized exercises that will concentrate on heart health, calorie burn, or any number of options that you are interested in achieving.

You can't afford not to have a treadmill A new 3 year study conducted by the University of Stanford's Graduate School of Business has found the many people overestimate the time that they ill spend in a gym and are overpaying for these memberships in turn. With that information and the great, reasonably priced treadmill on the market, there is now no reason that anyone with a need for weight loss are a want for cardiovascular health can not own a treadmill. Owning a treadmill will allow for ease of use in your home and allow users to exercise whenever convenient. There are no time frames to follow, no weather to impede your workout, and nothing to fear but a consistent cardiovascular workout.

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