Acne and Diet Are More Connected Than You Think

You are what you eat. In other words, if you feed your body good foods, it will benefit all the way around. If you feed your body junk, your body will suffer.

Because the skin is the largest organ the body has, and one of its jobs is to help eliminate wastes, it is no wonder that the more waste there is to get rid of the worse off your skin will be. If you are eating unhealthy foods it will ultimately show on the outside. This article will explore how acne and diet are related. Hopefully, you get some good ideas on how you can go about curing your pimple problem through what you eat. First of all, there are various products on the market. These only help the symptoms.

The products don't fix what is wrong in your body to stop producing those annoying zits that you hate. One of the best remedies for acne is to avoid processed food and eat more fruits and vegetables. Oils are naturally produced by your skin, but when you are eating unhealthy, more are produced.

Acne and diet go hand in hand. One of the known links between acne and diet is the fact that dirty colons cause acne. If your digestive tract is blockaded regularly by foods that aren't easily digested, you will most likely have skin problems. The food that gets 'stuck' turns into toxins. Your body needs to get rid of these toxins somehow, so where do they go? That's right: Through your skin.

So by eating foods like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and other fiber-rich foods, your digestive tract will work much better. Your skin will have less problems. If you consume a lot of fried foods, tea, coffee, animal products, microwave food, alcohol, painkillers, white flour, and hydrogenated fats, you probably have a lot of mucoid plaque in your body right now. This stuff (along with other kinds of bacteria) enjoy feasting on old feces in the body.

Another common culprit is called candida. This little bug eats off of the sugars in your food and gives off toxic chemicals that cause allergic reactions and skin problems. Try making psyllium a part of your diet. It's very rich in fiber. You can likely find it in a health food store, or even in a local grocery store.

You don't have to do much with it: Just mix a tablespoon in a glass of water and drink up. You'll often find psyllium used in laxative liquids. It's good to take because it will clear out the bacteria and keep you regular. There are plenty of other foods that can help you conquer your acne. So, acne and diet are very much related.

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